Hello, my name is jinhe and i am a year 1 undergraduate majoring in Electrical Engineering. I was from Singapore Polytechnic diploma in Aerospace Electronics and this is when I found my passion.

During my time in Singapore Polytechnic, I was in the Engineering Academy programme, where I have worked with people from different diplomas. By working with different people, I had learnt on the aspects of electrical, mechanical and design thinking. Some of which includes software such as Arduino IDE, Inventor, AutoCAD, etc. With these skills learnt, I took the opportunity to take part in international competitions such as Cisco APJ Global Problem Solver Challenge and Make For The Planet (M4TP) with IMCC5 to Kuching,Sarawak. The purpose of participating in these competitions was to apply what I had learnt in my course of studies to solve real world problems. Therefore, with the experiences gained from the competitions, my determination towards my ambitions was further reinforced and solidified.

For my current plans, i am considering on taking minor in data engineering and I am looking forward to the beautiful things that will happen during the course of my studies with the Engineering Scholars Programme.



Notable Achievements:

  • Cisco APJ Global Problem Solver Challenge (Second Prize)
  • Overseas Community Service Project (OCIP) – YEP Bhakunde Besi 1
  • Overseas Internship (Industrial Training Programme, AMECO Aviation College (China)

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Exercising (Basketball, jogging, gym)
  • Watching movies and variety shows