I’m Vernice Oh, a former EJC student and an incoming year 1 student in Engineering Science! I hope to pursue a minor in physics and an (undecided) specialisation in ESP in future too :D.

I’ve always been interested in the field of engineering. My interest led me to doing an internship with LTA right after A levels. During the internship, my group proposed a series of solutions to improve visualisation and mapping of underground utilities, which are to be implemented in sites along the North South Corridor, and hopefully to more sites in future. My experience there solidified my conviction that us, as engineers, should strive to use our knowledge, creativity and expertise to understand and to bring accessible and effective solutions to everyday problems in our society.

Outside of academics, I enjoy music and drawing. I recently attempted to illustrate my Dungeons and Dragons party members and our memorable scenes together. It brought me much joy to see our characters come to live not only through our roleplaying but also on a page.

I’m really excited to start learning more and widening my horizons throughout university!

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Music(I play the liuqin :))
  • Drawing
  • Dungeons and Dragons