Hi there!

My name is Shanmugam Surya and I am a year 1 undergraduate majoring in Electrical Engineering. I am extremely grateful to be part of the Engineering Scholars Programme and I intend to make full use of the resources made available to me so I can develop myself in becoming a well-rounded engineer and leader. I hope to complete my Masters in NUS within 3.5 years and pursue a Ph.D. in the United States under a research scholarship.

My passion for engineering was kindled during my polytechnic days after I watched a documentary detailing the cold war space race. Being inspired by the late German American rocket pioneer Dr. Wernher Von Braun, I formed a team to compete in Singapore Space Challenge (SSC) 2017 and International Space Challenge 2019, leading both teams to clinch the Grand Prize of $10,000 SGD. We defeated a large armada of more than 60 international universities. 

I also recently developed an interest for microprocessors, and hence I switched my major to Electrical Engineering so I can pursue a career as a chip designer. I also love embedded systems, and I am intending to do a few projects under that.

Notable Achievements:

  • Grand Prize in Singapore Space Challenge 2017
  • Grand Prize in International Space Challenge 2019
  • A*Star Science Award

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Flying Radio Controlled Planes and Helicopters
  • Combat Flight Simulations
  • Pickup Trucks