I’m Owen, a year 1 undergrad majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

My brain’s still a little rusty, but I’m interested in learning more about Renewable Energy Systems, Nuclear technology and Robotics. I’ve done work attachments at PSA (ft. big ships and cool drones) and at Halogen Foundation Singapore.

I also did my 2-year minimum wage internship for the SAF in Singapore’s Naval Diving Unit, where I got to do lots of diving around Singapore’s waters, worked with underwater demolitions and learned from lots of cool people.

On a more personal note, I come from a Korean family, and I try to visit my extended family back in Korea every year. (You’re welcome to practice speaking korean w me though my korean brain stopped developing past p1… 🙂 )
I like cooking(a lot!), reading and doing lots of exercise. I’d be happy if anyone wants to join me to swim, gym, run long distance or simply walk & talk for hours!


Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • watermelon