Hi everyone!

I am Lee Xin Chun. I am majoring in Electrical Engineering and have a second major in iDP.

I decided to study Electrical Engineering because I am passionate about sustainability and would like to pursue a career in the power industry. On the environmental front, I have actively lead and participated in advocacy projects in JC. To build on my prior experiences, I am excited to take on opportunities that approach environmental issues from an engineering standpoint in NUS. That said, I also look forward to broadening my skills to solve other real world problems.

Prior to this, I have had entrepreneurial experiences too. I also participated in a hackaton and created a business model which aimed to reduce the environmental impact of livestocks. From that hackaton, I secured a 3 months internship with The Green Collective as an Operations Associate seeking potential business partners and brands that can be brought on board the collective’s new initiative, The Pantry.

Other than that, I have started 2 small businesses. Firstly, I provide sewing services in aims to upcycle or alter clothes that are out of trend to new timeless pieces of clothing or accessories. I am completely self-taught and am proficient in drafting amongst other skills. I have also started an online clothing shop which resells curated vintage and secondhand clothing with 2 other friends.

I am very spontaneous so if you have any ideas regarding business/ engineering/ the environment that you want to explore or stimulating philosophical topics you would like to discuss, feel free to connect with me!

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Sewing
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Recreational Sports