I am Bernadette, an incoming freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering, though I also enjoy Biology immensely; really torn up between a forensic science minor, a life sciences minor, and an iDP second major at this point.

In JC, I was part of the Computing and Robotics Club. Thus, I have some familiarity with Python, Tableau, and dabbled in some web and app development as well and clinched two prizes for an application called Picky in the 2020 NTU SCSE Computing Challenge. It also gave me the opportunity to explore cybersecurity through the Advanced Youth Cyber Exploration Program held by CSIT (such as Linux, Windows Power Shell, Network Security, Wireshark, etc).

Because of how wide my interests vary, it feels like there is so much to learn. If time permits, I would want to explore psychology modules, writing modules, or maybe even political science modules. Almost anything, really. Internal conflicts aside, I am truly looking forward to the university experience!


Notable Achievements:

  • Technopreneurship and AWS Special Mention award (NTU SCSE Computing Challenge 2020)

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Piano
  • Reading
  • Gymnastics (casual)