Hey hey, peace be with you!

I’m Agnes! Recent Engineering Science poly graduate going to major in Civil Engineering. Under the Engineering Scholars Programme, I am considering taking a 2nd major in Sustainable Urban Development and specialise in Digitalisation in Urban Infrastructure but have to see how schedule planning goes. I will probably need to graduate in 3 years (2024) instead of the usual 2.5 years for poly intake.

I chose to major in civil engineering as I want to be a part of Singapore’s urban development. There is something so simply amazing about trying to balance the needs for development and ensuring it is sustainable for the future. The potential for growth in both areas is endless.

I am also interested in software engineering after picking some computing skills in poly. Currently planning to try and familiarise myself with Node.js, React.js, Docker, MongoDB and maybe some others along the way. I hope to develop these skills along the way in university.

I volunteer regular on Saturdays with primary school kids and on Sundays with my church catechising secondary kids. I am looking forward to exploring other volunteering opportunities in uni!

If you want to try to self-learn programming as well; try sustainable development or programming projects; volunteer or anything; feel free to connect! Let’s make the most of uni!

Notable Achievements:

  • Terasaki Electric Silver Medal and Prize (for 2nd most outstanding performance overall for Engineering Science Diploma Course)
  • Built Environment Stellar Student Award (NUS CEE department prize)

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Volunteering,
  • Reading
  • Learning