Hi! I’m Zihan and I’m a Year 2 Undergraduate majoring in Computer Engineering with a Minor in Data Engineering.

I really enjoy working on software projects (apart from debugging D:). A milestone project would be Pet Social, where I worked with Bryan Wong, another Computer Engineering E-Scholar from my batch, to create a full stack social media web application that aims to build a vibrant community for pet owners. For web development, I am familiar with the MERN stack and GraphQL/REST APIs. I am familiar with Java and Python as well.

Outside of work, I love music and the arts in general. My friends have noted I live my life like a musical. I enjoy listening to all types of music from classical to pop, jazz to EDM, even the avant-garde, and I love making it even more! I also like learning languages (Español and 廣東話 now), gaming (grand strategy, quite a niche genre) and listening to podcasts (My fav is PEP with Chas and Dr Dave, kinda niche topics too but I’m in it for the aussie humour). I’m always happy to chat, whether it’s about technical engineering and computing concepts or the latest happenings/news out there. Hmu if you would like to jam too!

Notable Achievements:

  • Section Leader, NUS Wind Symphony

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Music