Hello everyone!

I am Bryan Tan, one of the Co-heads of the External Relations Sub-committee for Academic Year 2021/2022. I am also a Year 2 majoring in Engineering Science and pursuing a minor in Physics. I personally always strive to develop myself holistically whenever possible – discovering yourself, expanding your skill sets and improving your weaknesses.

I wouldn’t say I am a huge risk-taker. In fact, I lean towards the more conservative side of the spectrum. Still, I have been through several experiences in the past which brought me out of my comfort zone. These experiences however, ended up rewarding me with so many unexpected and eye-opening lessons which allowed me to grow as a person. These, I am forever grateful for. Try to express gratitude in whatever you do! You will see yourself becoming happier along the way 🙂

Hobbies wise, I really enjoy doing hands-on stuff. I used to draw a lot during my free time in the past, such as portraits and cartoons. I then decided to transition and started learning digital art during my Year 1 Summer break. I also started working part-time in a café right after my National Service because I have always wanted to learn how to be a barista and do latte art. There are so many interesting hobbies out there which I haven’t tried, but hopefully I can find the time to learn them eventually!

Notable Achievements:

  • Co-head, E-Scholars External Relations Sub-committee
  • Map the System Competition 2021 – 2nd in Local Finals
  • SAF Letter of Commendation

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Photography / Videography
  • Drawing / Sketching
  • Designing