Hello, I’m Jing Xiang, a Year 2 Chemical Engineering undergraduate intending to minor in Computer Science. I enjoy playing Floorball during my free time, hence you may find me participating in NUS Floorball trainings as well as RC4 Floorball Interest Group!

My academic plan follows a balance between work and play. While wanting to make the most out of the academic opportunities available, I believe that the final years of student life should not be compromised. As such, I weigh the options available to me and devised a realistic route map to ensure that I can have a holistic experience here. Should everything proceed smoothly, my plan would include NOC in Y2S2 and SEP in Y3S1.

I am interested in meaningful projects. Currently, I am working on a mentorship initiative with Yi Hui, a fellow E-Scholar, catered to students studying at our alma mater, Victoria Junior College. It taps on the alumni network to provide guidance on the students’ journey to the next stage of their life and works on a pay-it-forward system whereby mentees themselves may take over as mentors upon matriculation into University.

Feel free to connect with me!

Notable Achievements:

  • Founder, Victorian for Victorians.
  • Member, NUS Floorball 20/21 (IVP).

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Floorball,
  • Football
  • Music