Hi everyone! I’m Amanda, Year 2 Engineering Science student specialising in Nanoscience and minoring in Physics.

I am passionate about social and environmental issues. I participated in Map the System 2021 last semester with my friends to study on the rise in domestic violence cases in Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, I am participating in Beyond!HealthHack with my friends to tackle mental health issues in Singapore and I have signed up for more hackathons in the upcoming months.

I enjoy challenging myself and learning different skills. Prior to university, I interned at DSTA where I picked up Python and worked with image and video processing algorithms. In the previous academic year, I also picked up SolidWorks for a module and I have future plans to learn other programming languages as well as quantum computing.

I have also started a small business selling handmade pet accessories so if there are any pet-owners out there interested, do connect with me!

Notable Achievements:

  • Secretary of RC4 ORCATECH
  • Publicity Head of RC4Earth

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Strategic/Tactical games
  • Hackathons/Competitions
  • Music