Hi! I’m Tze Jit, a Year 2 Undergraduate majoring in Chemical Engineering with a Minor in Computer Science.

I really enjoy the engineering discipline as a whole due to its ability to transform abstract theoretical concepts into practical real world applications. Throughout my past year, I have also discovered my interest in computer science and am intrigued by its potential to create complex applications simply from constantly building up layers simple commands, which eventually led me to take it up as a Minor.

In my free time, I enjoy working out as a way to not only keep fit, but also to destress after a day’s work. I also like to game (league, civ, mahjong), watch shows and dream of travel plans to put into action (if travelling is ever made viable again).

Notable Achievements:

  • e-STEER Organising Board

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Gymming
  • Hiking
  • Travelling