Hi people! I’m Jovi, a Y2 Industrial Systems Engineering student, and am currently considering a minor in Data Engineering. I’m glad to have chosen ISE because it is nothing technical like engineering and it is one of the most useful majors out there.

Despite being in e-scholars, I set aside time for many other activities in NUS so that when I graduate and look back, I won’t regret not having a more vibrant student life just to meet the rigour and standard of e-scholars.

I am currently heavily involved in NUS CCAs, community club events and financial advisory courses. Hit me up to discuss related stuff!


Notable Achievements:

  • Vice President, NUS Kayaking
  • Co-founder, RC4 Cycling
  • 1st Runners-Up, Micron Business Analytics Case Competition

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Water sports
  • Impromptu adventure around sg
  • Shopping