Hello! I’m Jared, a Y2 Computer Engineering student in NUS!
If anything I feel Computer Engineering is one of the more diverse Engineering branches as one can either pursue the software or hardware path upon graduation which opens up a huge diversity of careers 🙂
On top of doing tech stuff, one side hobby is I enjoy helping others particularly spreading the joy of learning! What made me really excited was being a relief teacher back in my former secondary school and initiating a Physics and Engineering themed interest group with my Sec 2 students where we discussed wacky Physics topics like teleportation and time traveling. This experience reignited my passion and prompted me with the question, “What makes you excited?”.
For the upcoming year, I’m the E-Scholars Committee Outreach Head and excited to interact with JC students and share with them the joy of “#whyNUS”, in particular NUS Engineering! Also, I’ll hopefully be a TA for one of the CS-coded mods and aim to help my peers learn in a more effective and enjoyable manner 🙂

Notable Achievements:

  • E-Scholars Student Committee Outreach Head
  • Intern at Glance.sg, a local tech start-up
  • e-STEER Organising Board

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Soccer
  • Cooking (casually)