Hi hi hi! I’m Caylee and I’m a year two suffering from my own incapabilities in USP+ chemical engineering.
I’m a boring and lazy kid so you won’t see me doing like research or like competitions or anything, but hit me up if you wanna like discuss latest dramas and compare who sleeps more (spoiler: I will win). If I’m not lazing around, I am shopping for stuff cause I am a shoppaholic but aunty at the same time so I mass buy 50 cent items, can also hit me up to discuss where to find good cheap things (spoiler: shopee). Some fun facts is that I play the piano and occasionally the cello! And I’m in way too many CCAs for someone so lazy (spoiler: I is phantom).
I’m here to have a chill time and explore different interests of mine! Lately I’ve been giving super cheap tuition to get some bucks and learn how to teach better! If you have any questions, feel free to find me at my email @ cayschua@gmail.com . If they are academic questions, I will likely refer you to Damien Lee, who is super smart and good at academics. Welcome to E scholars!


Notable Achievements:

  • Deputy director, Cinnamon college Makerspace committee
  • Captain, USP track and field
  • House head, engineering club

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Writing music
  • Composing emo poems
  • Annoying my boyfriend