Hello there!

My name is Bryan Wong and I am the Vice-President of the E-Scholars Committee. I am a year 2 undergraduate majoring in Computer Engineering. I am fortunate to be part of the Engineering Scholars Programme and I am currently considering between graduating in 2.5 years by December 2022 or to apply for the 1-Year NOC Programme.

I am deeply passionate in Software Engineering. I enjoy making user-centric software products that are useful to people. One of my biggest project thus far would be Pet Social, where I worked with Zihan, another Computer Engineering E-Scholar from my batch, to create a social media site that aims to build a vibrant community for pet owners to congregate. I’ve also done full-stack development in DSO as part of my Year 1 summer internship, as well as for my unit back when serving the National Service.

For development work, I mainly dabble with the MERN/MEVN stack along with GraphQL/REST APIs. I’m familiar with development in Java as well as using Elasticsearch database. I’m also familiar with DevOps tools like Docker and concepts like Microservices.

Feel free to connect with me to discuss full-stack development, entrepreneurship, computer science concepts or anything out there!

Notable Achievements:

  • Vice President, E-Scholars Student Committee
  • Vice President, RC4 CSC IT Committee
  • Project Head, RC4 OrcaTech

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Hackathons & Competitions
  • Swimming (Casually)