I’m Vishesh, and I’m in my final year as a Computer Engineering undergraduate. I stayed in RC4 for 3 semesters have just completed my NOC-Israel program, didn’t go overseas of course 🙁 In my final year, I am enrolling in NTU’s exchange program, before coming back to RC4 for my graduating semester.

I’m super passionate about AI and love watching AI documentaries. I’m interning at Brain Pool Tech and working with AI in the geospatial industry. We’re a team super passionate about drone technology and are developing software that has the potential to revolutionise property management.

In my free time, I love playing sports like cricket and tennis. I also picked up dodgeball IG at RC4 (join RC4Dodgeball you won’t regret it). After watching the queen’s gambit, I’m hooked to chess too :0

Hit me up if you wanna talk about life as a CEG E-Scholar, AI, entrepreneurship, sports, or if you’re just looking to find a friendly face 🙂

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Sport (any kind!)
  • AI