I am Zhi Kai, a current year 3 UG Chemical Engineering Student, I am graduating next semester (2.5 years, as I am from Polytechnic). I am going to do a Master in Engineering and most likely going to pursue a PhD in the state (please hit me up if you are planning to do PG in the state). I did research at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology working on antimicrobial resistance, E2S2, CREATE worked on an anaerobic digester of food waste and under the department of Biophysics where I did a summer project on single-molecule manipulation for an extracellular force sensor.

During my free time, I play volleyball and sudoku (especially those with unique rules) and probably working out to maintain my figure – as a university student, I find myself easily out of shape haha.

I am a vegetarian and a coffee addict. Do hit me up if you know of a good vegetarian place that you want to try or a good cafe.

Notable Achievements:

  • Second author published in journal
  • UTC2704 (grade: A)
  • RC4 Residential Assistant
  • RC4Earth Vice President

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Volleyball