I’m Jonathan, a soon-to-be third year in the E-Scholars programme under the Mechanical Engineering track, with a specialisation in robotics. I’ve recently completed by 6 month NOC programme with Seeed Studio in Shenzhen, and intend to pursue a masters in data science, machine learning and/or computer science for my postgraduate studies.

Despite being a mechanical engineering major, I’ve developed a keen interest for software related subjects like ML and embedded programming. Fortunately, my path in robotics also grants me many opportunities to interact with realms that lie outside my major, heavily intersecting with electrical, computer engineering and computer science. My Final Year Project is also related to software development.

In my most recent experience, I worked as an SEO Tech Content Editor at Seeed Studio, where I was given the privilege of learning marketing, product and business development with the company that hosts the most renowned makerspace in China. Naturally, I also took the opportunity to dive deep into computing infrastructures, IoT and embedded development, and I also developed several projects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and embedded machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow Lite Micro.

For anyone who is keen to explore a heavily interdisciplinary undergraduate education like I have done, I would be happy to offer any insights and experiences that I can. Cheers!

Notable Achievements:

  • President, Raffles Singers (2019-2020)

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Fitness (Jogging)
  • Movies
  • Financial Investments