I am Chloe Seah, a year 3 undergraduate majoring in Computer Engineering and will be graduating soon in May 2022. I am thus preparing to apply for my Master’s program, preferably in tech management or computer science.

On the technical side, I am interested in software and data engineering. I enjoy working in teams to work on software that can make lives better. I have worked as a software/data engineer in a startup, Gigacover, to streamline its data pipelines and prepare data for analytics and reporting to investors. I’ve also participated in several hackathons to expose myself to new innovations and technologies.

Aside from academics, I am passionate about dance! I love a good performance and enjoy dancing with friends to relieve stress. I was from NUS Dance Ensemble and am currently a member of NUS Chinese Dance. I am more familiar with contemporary styles but am always open to exploring new dance genres like hip hop and pop.

Do feel free to connect with me (through the links below)! 🙂