“Hey there!

I’m Ivan and currently a Year 3 undergraduate majoring in chemical engineering. Super fortunate to be able to be part of the E-scholar programme, which has really enriched my personal growth in NUS.

Within the NUS community, I have dabbled in engineering research opportunities, programming projects/competitions with friends and even case competitions over at the business faculty. I have also taken part in 2 marketing committee roles (in RC4 and NUS Student Union) to grow my interests in external liaison and communication. I try to explore widely since I feel university is the best place for us to gain diverse insights and experience things we would likely not be able to do once we graduate. I hope to use the skills and knowledge gained from these experiences to contribute to the rapidly-evolving energy industry as a budding chemical engineer.

Outside of school, I am volunteering and pursuing a leadership role in ClimateScience, a global organisation spreading the importance of climate education amongst youth.

It is tough to encapsulate all of my experiences in 200 words, so feel free to connect with me via Linkedin or email about anything above which may have (or not) resonated with you!”

Notable Achievements:

  • Marketing Vice-Director
  • NUS Students’ Union (Union Camp 2021)
  • ExxonMobil Medal and Prize Award (2021)

Personal Interests / Hobbies:

  • Soccer
  • Fashion (streetwear, sneakers)
  • Music